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What Everyone Must Know About Coronavirus And Hair

Coronavirus. A deadly virus that is being compared to the Spanish flu. With the worldwide death toll surging past 11,000, many are heeding government commands. Social distancing is being practiced. Schools are closing down for weeks. Millions are without work. Within the service industry hairstylists are having to deal with their businesses slowing down. What exactly is coronavirus? How can we protect our hair and still support our hairstylists? The World Health Organization has declared that t

How Does Body Image Affect Our Self-Esteem?

A thin waist, clear complexion, and perfect hair. It is every Queen’s dream to have the perfect body image. But is your idea of body image realistic? If not kept in check, the way we view our bodies can severely impact our self-esteem and mental health. What Exactly Is Body Image? When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see, or do you wish that you were someone different? Our body image is how we view our self in our mind. It is how we behave when we think of our height, weight, skin

The Best Ways to Detangle Natural Hair

Detangling natural hair is a task that requires a lot of patience and caution. It is imperative that you do so because your entangled hair can easily mat and break off. Many try to avoid the brush by putting their hair in twist, braids, and locs. Personally, I fell in love with locs because detangling was something I avoided doing, which stunted the growth of my natural hair. If you have natural hair growth goals, you have to learn the right way to detangle. This will help you with washing and

Queen Boss: Madam C.J. Walker

Many self-made bosses jumped for joy when they heard about Netflix coming out with a new series, centering around the life of Madam C.J. Walker. It was inspired by her great-great grand-daughter A’Lelia Bundles’ biographical book “On Her Own Ground”. As Black History Month comes to an end, let’s all learn more about the first black female millionaire in America. Madame C.J Walker’s real name is Sarah Breedlove. She was born on December 23, 1867, on a cotton plantation in Louisiana. Her parents

Why Therapy Is Important For Young Black People – Engage Empower Educate

Why Therapy Is Important For Young Black People Young black people suffer from mental health issues just like the rest of the world’s population. It is safe to say that they have even greater stressors due to systematic oppression, economically unfair wages, and constant discrimination. The Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health has concluded that 10% of African Americans are more likely to experience a serious form of psychological distress. So why do many young African Americans

Kobe Bryant’s Death and The Psychological Effects of Grief – Engage Empower Educate

Kobe Bryant’s Death and The Psychological Effects of Grief On Sunday, January 26, 2020 the world was hit with the tragic news of Kobe Bryant’s death. Many news shows and social media feeds have been flooded with the discussion of his passing. Throughout the streets of L.A vigils are spread out across sidewalks. Public mourning and heartfelt words of sympathy are being echoed throughout the globe. Nine lives were lost in a helicopter crash that included Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter,

How Cornrows Saved Slaves Lives

Cornrows have a long history. They hold a lot of significance in African culture. It is worn by children, men, and women all around the world regardless of their ethnicity. Originally from the Sahara region, paintings showing this hairstyle has been worn even in 3000 B.C. The most known way to wear it is straight down, paralleling each other. But it also can be worn uniquely in zig-zags or by mimicking the form of a snake. In the Carribean region, it is called “canerows”. They do this to respe

Ten Super Cute Winter Items for 2020

We are already in the second month for 2020. The snow is falling and the humidity is gone. Climate change is in full effect. With winter blowing cold air and giving us freezing temperatures, one should make it a priority to bundle up. With all the layers that have to be put on, fashion must be a part of your everyday wear. Here are 10 super cute outfits that will leave you dressed to impress. Are you feeling like a boss? Then have no fear, the bank blazer is here! What is lovable about this loo

How Our Mental Health Affects Our Natural Hair

A shaved bald head on a woman of color does not always signify someone who has alopecia or cancer. Many opt for a bald head because they are already weighed down with emotional stress. This world is an interesting place. The same world that is more open to a discussion about natural hair, seems to shy away when it comes to discussing mental health. I have experienced a lot of locs falling out and thinning of my hair from the stress of everyday life. How many times have you cried while washing y

The Best Foods For Natural Hair Growth

Hair growth takes a lot of time and patience. You might have just done the big chop and want to see your crown blossom into a full afro. Just like soil needs the right nutrients for a tree to grow large and strong, our body needs the right foods for our scalp to grow healthy hair. The environment, lifestyle, and eating habits we have affects our strands. If it is negative, it can lead to kinks being dry and hair loss. Making changes to our lifestyle is not easy. But it needs to be done for our

Fabulous Natural Hairstyles That Are Trending In 2020

The year 2020 has ushered in new fads and crowd-pleasing hairdos. So hold your applause while we go over the top hairstyles that many Queens will be rocking in 2020. Many braiders will be busy this winter season because the braided bob will be a must-have protected hairstyle. Are you feeling like the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra? Then throw in some gold beads to make your hair pop. Embellished braids are also a hot look. Adding color and/or hair ornaments will make you stand out as unique. Don’t fo

Your CNA license and moving to another state

Your CNA license and moving to another state Moving your CNA license between states is doable in states that offer CNA reciprocity. This means that, in many cases, you can move your CNA certification from the state in which you are licensed to a new state. one state to another. This is good news for nursing assistants who are moving for professional or personal reasons. It's also useful for travel CNA who enjoy working as a nursing assistant in new parts of the country. Moving to another state

CNA Reciprocity: Transfer your CNA License To Texas

CNA reciprocity rules and requirements vary from state to state. If you're moving to Texas, also known as the Lone Star State, this article provides helpful information. Texas is famous for its huge cattle population; it is reported to have more than 16 million cattle. They are ranked #1 in the nation! for cattle, They are also famous for musical concerts, barbecues, and more than 100-degree temperatures. There are also many individuals living in Texas who need basic care services. Certified nu

Arizona CNA Reciprocity: How Do I Transfer My CNA License?

Arizona is home to the United States' most visited vacation spot, The Grand Canyon. A large percentage of its land is set aside and reserved for the Indians. It is known for its diverse cultures and tall mountains. According to PHI, there were an estimated 14,750 nursing assistants in the State of Arizona in 2018. Arizona is interesting because of the various types of CNA that are recognized by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. Certified Nursing Assistants are considered CNA or "Registry CNA"

#Destiny Harrison: Baltimore Salon Owner Slain

We lost an astounding, ambitious, go-getter in the fashion/beauty world. Destiny Harrison was a visionary ahead of her time. By the age of 21, Destiny was a licensed cosmetologist and owned a beauty salon that she built from the ground up. With so many triumphs at such a young age, no one expected a tragedy to occur. Destiny Harrison was born in Maryland on April 16, 1998. As a child, she always had a love for hair. She would spend her time attempting to do cosmetology for family and friends. A

Ten Affordable Products You Can Use On 4C Hair

Are you just entering the world of natural hair? Are you worried about wearing your curls because of the maintenance involved? Once you have a clear understanding of what 4c hair is and know what products you can buy at a low cost, navigating the world of natural hair will become easier. You will learn to love your 4c hair. In the beauty world, hair types are put into categories. The sections range from Type 2 to 4. Hair type 2 is relatively straight hair. Hair type 3 consists of wavy curl patt

Afro Puff Bubble Ponytails Are Trending

With winter in full effect, our Queens want a quick easy hairstyle that is gorgeous and protective. New natural hairstyles are popping up, and when examined closely you can tell that they are trying to mimic a tribal look. Afro puffs were hot back in the 70’s when a lot of women of color were fighting for civil rights and revolutionizing the way they wore their hair. Since the summer Afro Bubble Ponytails have been favored as the go to protective hairstyle. Now with many people being “woke” to t

Smart Ways To Save While Shopping For Beauty Products Online

You know the old saying: “A penny saved is a penny earned?” Well, through coupons online much can be saved if you are diligent and resourceful. Where To Look For Online Coupon Codes Every time you take a walk through the mall you might feel wary of making a purchase. So many items are overpriced. And forgetting paper coupons is easy to do. That is why many people are opting to shop online. offers coupons that can create a happier shopping experience. Stores like QVC, Sam’s Beau
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