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Faux Locs Appropriation

When you see Kylie Jenner on a page of a fashion magazine, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many people of color we see a person with privilege using cultural appropriation to catapult their success. She is named this generation’s youngest self-made billionaire, even though it is obvious that she was born into a wealthy family. If she was not trying so hard to mimic black women features, she would not be as famous as she is today. But what was most disappointing to see was when s

How To Deal With The Loss of A Loved One

I remember as a child I loved to travel. My favorite insect was a butterfly. The way it grew from a caterpillar and went through metamorphosis always fascinated me. I always would envision myself growing wings and flying away. My dad was my greatest hero. He would fly away in his taxi and always bring back goodies. His afro reminded me of a vivacious bush. I would sometimes sit in the backseat, just in awe of all the places he would go. I love how he blasted his music. Through him, I fell in l

My Love and Hate Affair With Wigs

It is hard to not love wigs when you have a tight curl pattern. When your hair is full of 4c coils, you tend to gravitate to wigs. Having a big head, I used to always go to my local beauty supply store to search for curly wigs. At first, I loved you wig. You were my quick fix to a bad hair day. I hate getting a re-twist on my locs because I don’t like foreign hands in my hair. But I loved foreign hair on top of my hair. It made me feel like a new person. Longer, big, vivacious hair made me feel

Loc Growth

I have had locs since January of 2015. Now, I would like to look back and see all the progress I have made. I have gone natural. I took my hair from a relaxed state to a coarse one. I am still unsure as to whether putting too much oils in my hair causes dandruff. I used to love putting relaxer in my hair because it seemed to kill the dandruff. My locs have grown in length and they seem to be looking more thick. I am trying to semi free-form them. I fell in love with dreads after watching Black

Synthetic Cannabis and the Deadly Bleeding Outbreak

After the Ebola epidemic swept through West Africa, many travelers were afraid of traveling to that region. The main symptom was excessive bleeding. And now with synthetic cannabis claiming lives with similar symptoms, U.S residents have grown fearful. The new details surrounding this deadly bleeding outbreak is very disturbing, especially with how this product is sold and used. Synthetic marijuana is a group of substances scientifically named “cannabinoid receptor agonists.” Normal marijuana c

Chignon Hairstyle

Have you tried the chignon hairstyle? You may choose to consider that, if you have to quickly, cheaply, simply, and easily make up a hairstyle for your date/special event because you do not have more time left. It could even be an ideal style to make for your job as the weekend is almost over. Chignon hairstyle is achieved by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck or at the back of the head, but there are many different variations of the style. They are frequently worn for special

The Romaine E. Coli Outbreak – In a Nutshell

E. coli is one of the deadliest forms of food poisoning. Once contracted, it can cause kidney failure, seizures, and even breathing problems. Swallowing a small amount of E. coli, even just a bite, can lead to a severe bacterial infection. So, when a New Jersey Panera Bread restaurant started receiving complaints of E. coliillnesses just last month, it led to a growing concern that there was something really wrong happening. Then, more and more states began to have reports of similar illnesses.
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