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Dear Boss Babe

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Dear Boss Babe,

Never say never,
It is worth the endeavor,
You can storm the bad weather,
So eradicate negative inceptions.

Delve deep into your innermost thoughts,
And give your dreams a shot,
Put passion over profit,
And become the fuel for your rocket.

Who says all doors will always close?
Soon one will open, I suppose,
From thorns and concrete roses grow,
From drought and rejection, rain will pour.

What was once a famine can become a feast,
What was once a notion can become reality.
She was an orphan, now she is a Queen,
So own that script and cross boundaries.

Never say never,
It is worth the endeavor,
Storms can transform into bright splendor,
So go and give birth to your happily-ever-after.

Queen SueSue

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