Rate Information

In the freelancing world where many freelancers overcharge, my rates are affordable:  

  • Blog posts / Website articles: .04 cents per word 
  • Social Media Posts: $30 a month 
  • Marketing Emails/ Newsletters: $50-$80 per month

Services I Offer

1.) Blog Writing – Blogging is by far the most popular way of creating content online. Blog posts are written in a conversational format and made mainly to market to an audience. Typically, only 800-1500 words, they contain keywords that will be ranked by Google. 

2.) Article Writing- Articles go more in depth in comparison to blogs. They are also usually more journalistic. 

3.) B2B Writing- “Business to business” writing is content that will be read by bloggers, marketers, and small business owners. Small brick and mortar businesses have a growing need to have an online presence. 

4.) Social Media Writing- A social media presence is also a must-have for businesses that want to maximize their profit and success

5.) Marketing Emails- Through an email, you can turn a warm lead into a potential buyer. Emails alerting subscribers of the most popular products and latest deals is very vital.